The #jenncanjump Compilation


I don’t where this came from, but I was at the beach in May 2016 and it was sunny and beautiful and I decided to jump up in the air and had my husband take a photo of me.  I have an iPhone so he took a “burst” set of photos and I picked the image where I appeared to be highest and most jumpy and I saved that photo and posted it. 

I’ve always considered myself a pretty terrible jumper, but the photo turned out awesome and now, when I remember, I jump at various locations we are visiting and write “It’s a beautiful day at … ” where ever I am. 

After a year or so of that, I decided to hashtag my photos with #jenncanjump so that I could easily find my jumping shots.  There are 17 so far, almost one a month for how long I’ve been doing this.  I was thinking the other night, “I wonder if I’ll still be jumping when I’m 50 or 55?” I hope so. 

Here are all my jumps, so far, chronicled on Instagram.  Click on the Load More button to keep scrolling back. 


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