I have always loved the word sundry.  It sounds so grown up and thoughtful.  Sundry means “various items not important enough to be mentioned individually” and I have created a Sundry section of my website because my focus is on my journey and telling my story and helping others, but there are parts of my story that can also be helpful.  These are not stories I want to build the site on though.

For example, I have Celiac Disease.  I was diagnosed in the fall of 2014 and as a result I’ve kicked my healthy, organic living up a notch.  I have a lot of recipes I’ve worked out, because some of the gluten-free recipe books are …. not good.  I’ve made some food disasters.  I love to exercise and I take a fair amount of herbal supplements and vitamins.  I’ve also taken them all over the world.  There is an art to packing your herbs.  And about the same year I found out I had Celiac, I also randomly heard about genetically modified organisms (GMO).  I probably knew of them, but never really thought about these chemicals and what they were doing in my food and in my body.  Suddenly I was studying bee colony collapse disorder and neonicotinoids.  Then I learned about frankenfish, azodicarbonamine in bread, the GMO apple and Monsanto.  I went down the rabbit hole, folks.

And I came out the other side with a greater respect for the food I eat and the chemicals I use on my body.  I started using organic shampoo, I began creating lotion and face cream recipes.  I made my own toothpaste and my own laundry detergent.  Not only do I save a lot of money (which seems crazy considering organic is supposed to equal expensive), but my skin is clearer, my clothes smell better and I haven’t had a cavity in years.  I even had a cracked tooth, desperately in need of a crown, seal itself up thanks to my use of coconut oil.

So these are the sundries.  Stories and recipes I want to share, but by themselves are not enough to be mentioned individually.  I hope you enjoy.

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