The Signs


signs1There are a lot of events in our life that serve as a sign post, that moment when you stopped in your tracks and thought “Oh my!  Everything is about to change.”  These are the signs.  When I was a young girl my parents got divorced.  All of a sudden, I didn’t see my dad every day and I was such a daddy’s girl.  When I was about to graduate high school I got engaged to be married.  Thankfully, I was hit straight on by my intuition screaming at me not to get married.  Whew!  Thank goodness for that.   And throughout my life, so far, there have been many more signs; some huge, some nagging, some small little blips on my soul.  And I will admit that many times, I denied my own intuition and did something completely out of character, or did nothing at all, and ended up in a jam.

This is the thing we all do.  We ignore that voice inside of us because we think we need to do what others want us to.  I did that and stayed married for much, much longer than was reasonable, because I thought my kids needed their parents to be married and present to the world this “happy” family.  But did they really NEED that.  What they probably needed more was two happy parents, even if it meant they weren’t together.  They would tell you today that life after my divorce from their dad is better than when we were forcing something to work that wasn’t working.

These are the signs; the things that happen throughout our life that bring on change.  And we have a hand in how that change affects us.  We have no control over a lot of events, we have no control over other people, and we have no control over how other people feel, but we can face these life changes with respect for the process, dignity and a willingness to be willing to live through the signs, embrace them and come out on the other side.

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