Web Design and Development


Web DevelopmentSince 1998 I’ve been creating web sites.  I started making sites for television shows I loved and then when I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s I got a job as a “Web Content Manager.”  It was pretty exciting.  I stayed with that company for a whopping two and a half years and then the Dot Com bubble started to burst.  I, and a fair amount of the folks I worked with at that company, were all let go in a matter of months. 

It was heartbreaking and it took a long time, as a young mother, working whatever jobs were available to make ends meet, for me to find work again in that field.  But I did and over the years, web design and development are about all I did, until I added teaching computer skills at a local community college to my resume.

If you’ve found this page, it’s probably because you saw my profile on Indeed, Craigslist (ugh), Shopify or LinkedIn.  I’m working on my BigCommerce partnership now. 

I also have a development web site, CoolioBeans, that displays my portfolio and some of in many web dev interests. 

If you are looking for someone to create your new web site, for business, consulting, family history, ecommerce, Etsy, or whatever, I am available and I love being able to do this for a living.  One of my favorite things is helping create a web site and then teaching my clients how to use it, update it, and manage it, all while being there whenever they need me. 




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